Thursday, July 25, 2013

Loving Yourself and Others Through the Process

Loving yourself and others through the process
(the process can be numerous things like addiction, shadows, abuse, etc)
it can be intense, difficult, trying, and seem impossible
but it makes us bigger and stronger when we do
Come back to that intention of keeping the heart open
or giving yourself and others space to find their way and move through their stuff
We all have our shadows to face and clear out
and those of us who are working more with the light vibration may have more stuff to clear
because we have been on the planet longer

Goddess, Help me to love those who wish to harm, abuse, or hinder me. Help me to see their light. Asssist them with healing themselves. Help me to love even more, open my heart widely, and to stand from a more empowered place of being. And so it is!!!!!!!

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